Why Bill Gates Was Wrong About the PC but Right About Online Education
August 28, 2013
One of the most infamous and debated quotes by Bill Gates in the early days of the personal computer industry is supposedly the one uttered about the IBM PC:“640K ought to be enough for anyone.”Whether this happened or not is still of debate. However, compared to his 1981 blunder at a c...

7 Reasons to Study Abroad
August 26, 2013
Would you like to get your education while travelling the world? Currently, hundreds of academic programs exist to support students of all ages in earning study credits and life experiences abroad. Whether you travel across the world or just around the border, discover seven key reasons why y...

New Cutting-Edge Online Programs from LSBF
August 21, 2013
London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has today added a strategic Professional Financial Trading Programme to its portfolio of online courses. Delivered in partnership with the London Academy of Trading (LAT), the programme has been specifically designed for high-achieving students who are ...

Educational tuition costs around the world
August 20, 2013
Throughout the world, international economic woes have driven the cost of a college education up significantly, and the few remaining types of scholarships and grants are far harder to get than ever before. That leaves most current or would-be college students in the position of having to take out...

Let Future Trends Dictate your Education
August 15, 2013
Education is a major life investment. It takes time, money and a great deal of effort to achieve a degree. However, in this global society your education is not an investment that you can afford to skip. Across the world the rate of people graduating with college degrees has been continuously on t...

Georgia Tech Will Offer Affordable Master in Computer Science
August 2, 2013
Imagine obtaining a Master's degree in computer science for $6,600. The Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing has collaborated with AT&T and Udacity Inc. to offer the first professional online Master of Science degree in computer science (OMS CS). The same degree costs $45,000 fo...

Distance Learning - Global Trends and Options
July 25, 2013
Distance education has been in existence for centuries, believe it or not, since the mid 1800s. Earlier distance learning programs were typically in the form of correspondence, requiring learners to read study materials, complete assignments and tests, submit assignments and tests via postal mail, a...

"Pay It Forward" - A New Form of Student Loan Reduction
July 24, 2013
For many students, college is not just a time of self-exploration or preparation for a future career. Today’s college experience often involves working several part-time jobs and taking on thousands of dollars of student loan debt to afford an undergraduate education. Despite concern about the...

10 Ways to Pick Your Online MBA School
July 24, 2013
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a prestigious business degree that opens you up to endless career opportunities. When choosing your schooling options, your two main options are attending a college or university, or utilizing distance learning through an online MBA course. ...


November 8, 2018

Looking for your first career job out of school? Here are the employee benefits you can receive and how you can get them.

November 1, 2018

Though multitasking has its pitfalls, there's a time and place for everything. Struggling to find time to workout and study? Try doing both at the sam...

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